Something’s changed

Do you really wanted that vocation?


I believe him. All the lazy summer I spent with him, I knew him more. He talk too much but I never knew him by that… I discern him by his silence. I don’t really know but for me, too much words doesn’t speak.

Is there any obstacle or temptation that is keeping you from reaching the road you wanted?

No, absolutely nothing.

Here he goes. With “nothing”, I get it. But with “absolutely”…seriously?.. I don’t… Why do people have to say something they don’t really mean. With others I expected it… but with him… no never.

He used to tell me everything under the sun…Now the information he shares with me is as dim as the night sky… Not outright and full of mysteries.

I felt that there is confusion inside him. I remember he told me once that he is brave… I know he is… then I grasp the idea that when cowardice strikes a brave one, its lethal. It eats you from the inside.

For several times he talked about this girl he met in the seminary. I was so inclined to ask questions about her because it is seldom we talked about it. What did I get?… He just told me she’s pretty, funny and smart. Well, seriously? I hear those set of answers with the same question.

Now its uncomfortable. I know something has changed. And it would be mine to find out.


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