How it started

“So how did you two meet?”  Trying to be a sleuth I strike a conversation. I didn’t really expect a nice response; you know disappointment that time is the last thing I want to feel.

To my surprise he reacted positively.

“This will need a nice cup of coffee”.

Aside from the fact that I’m so hungry, that I will enjoy cheesecake with coffee, I also like the idea because I’m so bored and this is another episode of ice breaker.

As I sip my hot banoffee, he started to narrate the story.

“One day…”

Whew I just hope he stops doing that but I like it.

She’s a volunteer… They would see each other once a month and they would eventually talk at least every other month. He said they almost talk about everything, honestly I forget about the details and all I know is that when he says “everything” it’s not really “everything” – he’s really good with exaggeration. They become “serious” friends… whoa?! Seriously? I’m just a narrator and he’s my friend …let’s be fair. But the thing is, yes he’s my friend, I know him much, he doesn’t fall so easily. So for days that I have heard the story – one chapter a day, the details didn’t really register the way he expected me too… ‘cause I know it’s not serious and it’ll pass by anyway, the next summer he’ll tell me another load of his hopeless romance and I’ll end up collecting a bunch of his disappointments.

A week before summer ended – it hit me…  this man is deadly serious with what he felt. I never seen him like this before… never confused… He’s always firm with his belief, always sure with the vocation he have chosen. And I knew it, that when he’s having second thoughts about it, he must’ve fallen. So the last week of summer, I listen attentively like never before. Yes he has fallen and I was wrong.

He did.


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