If life is Glee, then I would fit in

What I like to do in my spare time is to play keyboard. Nobody knows that but just few people who enjoy using my laptop when I feel like Im Beethoven. Hmm, I really like the sound it produces because it kinda takes you to a classical scene….char.

When it comes to watching movies, one of my favorite genre is the one with a musical touch on it. Likewise with tv series like glee.

My point is, I so love music. It lets you express your ideas about things in general. You could say what you feel without being too blunt or fragile. When I feel it, I sometimes look at a person’s eye and sing him the song that has lyrics that exactly says what I feel. Worse I say the phrases, let it rhyme and put some tune, … well he wont even know the song does not exist ’cause I’ll pretend that it did… a subtle way of expression. Writing songs is one of my secret hobby. Writing a song is like writing a short story…or creating a video presentation… it has to be short yet meaningful. It’s also unpredictable… yeah its really nice to pick up a pen and paper on a sunday morning with a glass of juice but most of the time great song just pops out while I’m riding a 1-hour-ride-jeepney on my way home or while taking a bath…like… seriously?…

The title of this blog is ‘If life is Glee, then I would fit in’ because that is the one line I say when I get caught by my friend when I’m singing things that I’m suppose to say. Hehe.

So I officially say that music is the best guilty pleasure ever.


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