When the Love bubble bursts

Here we are again….

The most inevitable thing about life is falling in love. Its an indescribable feeling that gives color to our lonesome world. Ah what a wonderful feeling when your with the person that hold your heart and knocks you off your feet. Each day you wake up with a smile and suddenly everything around you sparkle. I wanna stay right there and then.

But when this bubble of happiness burst, it shatters your heart into pieces. Tiny little pieces that I cant figure out where each part has gone. Why do things have to end? Why cant we have this feeling forever? Why do we have to feel that? Arrrgh…. To make us strong?.. Nah…. All I know is that it drains me…. It takes a piece of me, a feeling that creates a buffer that next time I fall again Im not gonna give it all. It builds walls, never pour out all your emotions in a instant…think first….then think again….repeat a million times….eternalize…. I dont wanna undergo any safety measures first because the thing about love is it just hts you out of nowhere and it hits you hard… Ah stahhhp it…

Like all the days that have passed this will just be another one. One that Ive fallen crazily inlove with you that I even put in writing. One day I look back to this moment and cringe over myself why did I ever felt this way….. eww…that was so innocent and all. One day, the feeling is gone and I could look at you in the eye and laugh at your witty jokes without envisioning forever 🙂


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