Chapter 1: My Lucky Day

6:00 AM…What? Its the first day of school and I woke up 1 hour before my first class, how unfortunate I’ll be absolutely late. So I hurriedly get my towel and headed to the bathroom, but to my disappointment there’s already someone inside and another waiting for her turn. I have to go at exactly 6.30 so I’m in panic.

Fast forward and I arrived 7:15 in the university. Not that bad, but for a classroom that will take a 20 minute walk from the main gate, I arrived past 7:30 in the class. Now would be the moment I’ve been dreading in my entire existence, I don’t wanna get too much attention and I wanna stay invisible most of the time so I hurriedly walk inside the room as swiftly as possible. To no expense, everybody glanced over me including my professor, annoyingly he looked at me with his prying eyes. “Who are you?” he finally said. “Sorry prof, I’m Meg” with all the nerves inside of me I managed in a low voice. “Sit here in front.” So instead of heading to the vacant seat at the back I obediently followed his instruction. My professor thinks that its a punishment, honestly since 4th grade my favorite spot is in the front row, I could listen intensively and its convenient for me to raise my hand every time there’s a recitation. Things are different now, I’m in med school and people are tougher. Its like going back to zero, all of my achievements mean nothing here. To know that I’m probably seated with the brightest mind in my batch is such sheer pressure. Then again I’m good at this, I told myself. I’ve been here for so many times and I survive with flying colors.

My professor were mumbling about his published journals. He seems to be good, at first glance you would not even think that he’s a resident, he has a broad shoulder and piercing grey eyes. He is about 5.8′ tall and sporting a dirty look, not that convincing for a doctor but awesome for a teacher. He is in his mid-30s and wearing a vintage Cartier watch, the one I could only see in Watchtime, the magazine I subscribe weekly in the web. He is in a middle of discussing Laparoscopic surgery when my seatmate nudged me. “Hi I’m Rose”, a pretty girl is glaring beside me. She has this big curls like the “digiperm” kind, bushy eyebrows and pointed nose. I could imagine her as a french model on Prada commercial (is this even a med school?!). She just handed me some flyer about gig sessions after class, not minding that much I said thanks and stuck it on my Great Expectations book.

After two hours the class was dismissed, everybody say “hi” to each other, the usual stuff. I smiled to every face I can see but so shy to take courage to introduce myself. I met this nerd guy who loves poetry, we discussed a bit about “Desiderata” and this flamboyant girl who smells like cotton candy. Everybody is doing their own thing, each one trying to portray their best possible self. Amidst these chaos of social occurrence, someone caught my attention, (play “Life in Color” by OneRepublic) a tall guy in his white shirt is standing on the corner of the room. He is talking to two ladies including Rose, typing something on his phone probably getting their numbers. Stuck in his one hand is Great Expectations book looks older than mine, same taste huh?. There is something in his presence that I couldn’t explain, something I never felt before. He has this dark brown hair and captivating smile. Everybody started to leave the room so I made my way too. A bit of disappointment dawned on me, I haven’t even got a chance to know his name. I daydreamed so well that for a second I was startled immensely. Someone appeared in front of me, an apparition, it feels like I’m staring in an angel, it was him! “You forgot your book.” He handed me my Great Expectations copy and said “Nice read, I’m reading that too right now.” I managed a faint “Yeah” and smiled, the first smile I had this day and it is the brightest one. He smiled back and offered a handshake, he said “I’m Stephen”.


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