Strange Night

Love can be found in a stange place and situations. This one is probably one of them. It was late night, I hurried myself down the building of our office, after finishing some restraining task, I decided to have some dinner first. When I decided to go home I cannot get myself a vacant space on a jeepney, and tired as I am, I went for a cab. To my surprise, I saw a fine looking man on driver’s seat when I opened the car door. I played it cool but how can you avoid smiling when few inches away there he is beaming too. He asked where Im heading and tapped his phone to get the right direction. Not wanting to start the conversation, I shut my mouth and wander in the window as the car swiftly past the buildings.  A few minutes later he asked me if Im from work and there goes the 20 minute fun-packed conversation I didnt have for ages.

Time flies so fast and he had pull the car over. What should I do? Sit there for some time and wait for, I dont know, him to say something. Or do what every sane woman would and walk away. Of course I did the sane thing.

This is how the story ends, I dont expect a nice continuation to that moment because its just one of those nights. One of those where you met one stranger…make your heart leap and never see him again.


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