An Unfinished Song

Its been a week since I bid goodbye to my feelings for you.
Its never an easy task and though I may have set some deadline,
we will never really know if that feeling left me completely.
There are times when I remember things and just smile or feel nostalgic.
When I hear some music and thinks its about you.
I wanna say things but thought, what would you feel about it.
Do stuffs when I know it would be better if we’d do it together.
Saw something pretty and laugh ‘coz I know you’ll hate it.
I have this opinion on something and I thought if you’re
here we’ll have this heated exchange of ideas ‘coz you have a different view.

How can I finish this song when I’m missing a note
When the rhythm isn’t the same anymore
If the beat is altered by your absence
And life seems to become a monotone
Worse than it was before you.



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