The Pokemon Go Fever

When I first heard of the game Pokemon Go I immediately said “Nope..not gonna play it”, I am not a gamer and mobile games doesn’t really interest me that much. Moreover, with this game I need to go to places to catch ‘rare’ pokemons and move around to find some lures and spin pokestops. But a week before this game was released in the Philippines, I came across this article, saying how this game was not incidental and it took 20 years for the creator to finally achieve its well deserved success. I also developed mobile games and been involved in map layers so I know how nerve wracking and at the same time quiet interesting it is. I am impressed. The time the game finally came out I didn’t immediately played because I had an upcoming exam. That made me 2 weeks late from the fandom. By the time I started really playing the game, I am so excited to catch new pokemons while my other friends are already kinda bored catching the same thing. If I still have time on the way to office, I still spin the nearest pokestop and silently hoping for the pedestrian light not to turn green yet because I have to catch a bulbasaur first. Going to the church, I would opt to take the longer route and my usual 10 minute walk turns to probably 20.

This game also garnered bashers and some negative reaction from non players. All I can say is, to each his own. We have a variety of interests and I think if people are happy doing things that doesn’t fascinate us, we should still respect it. We don’t have to bring rain to other people’s sunshine.

So that’s my pokemon jouney, and in a week of pure dedication I jumped from level 7 to 21. Thanks to lucky eggs and pidgeys and rattatas for that. I also reached the end of High Street and know how to go to Mind Museum. I am now confident not to get lost if I go to BGC area. But one thing needs to be fulfilled for now, to catch Pikachu. So better get going


you know..

I have to..

Catch them All!!


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