Welcome 20ZENventeen!

I’ve been looking for a really nice hashtag this year because last year’s was a hit, not to mention that it has totally lived up to expectations, and the word ZEN just keeps on popping everytime so I’m sticking to it.

The beginning of 2017 is indeed a bit refreshing. We watched pursuit of happyness – which is totally awesome and inspiring most especially the time we knew that the whole story was real. I also watched X-Men, it is one of those moments when I say to myself “Damn, why is it that I just watched it today”. We then became so “kilig” because of decendants of the sun. Which reminded me of my burning desire to become a doctor, which could actually lead to a beautiful love story if I would meet a cute soldier. And ending the day with our favorite, the flash. I’m saying all these not because I’ve got nothing to do but watch the telly and be a slob. I just wanna share this because not everyday I enjoy what I’m watching. Or not everyday I had the time to relax and most especially not everyday I got to emphatize with what I’m watching and got to share it with people important to me (not to mention do commentaries and laugh at each other when someone gets the references 10 seconds later). Lastly I wanna share this, bro bo on didache says that this 2017 we are bound to climb a mountain. To reach our dream and be something bigger. We should be confident and not be afraid to fall because God is our invisible rope and he will save us no matter what. Indeed I’m about to climb mountains this year, remember the feeling when you reach the summit? Yes. Its priceless.


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