Adventures and Happy Memories

For two new years now, it has been a habit of mine to have a deep prayer before going to bed after the midnight celebration. This is the moment where I talk to God, say thanks to the days passed, set my priorities and what I want to accomplish in the coming year. I could say that 2016 has been a whirlwind for me. I felt like I’m always full of emotions, falling in love in so many things and discovering passions that I long to pursue even before. It has its highs and lows, expectations and disappointments. There are also lots of thoughts that come to mind when I remember certain moments. I laugh at those times I do crazy dance steps and become bitchy to my friends when I get drunk. I cringe when I clear my schedule just to be with someone I really like and feels so sneaky when I set a laundry day when someone I don’t invites me to dinner. Several times I find myself being disappointed but never helpless. Not that I’m trying to be positive all the time but I always see the good even in bad situations.

This year my goal is plain and simple, do only the things that I really want. We are still on the first month of the year, but I feel that “Achievement Unlocked” has been triggered a lot already. As January 2017 comes to a close, lets have a recap of what a month it has been.

To my surprise, I’ve been addicted to Korean Drama. For months of not paying attention to the buzz about Descendants of the Sun, I’ve become an instant fan of Sergeant Major and Lieutenant’s love story. This paved the way to another krama to my heart, The Legend of the Blue Sea, I am now aware why Lee Min Ho is who he is now. I’ve never seen a guy wear a pink coat and sit while crossing his legs like lady so manly. Do you know what I mean? *Ok I’ll stop my fangirl mode here* Still, thanks to this show for giving me the “kilig” feels for about two weeks. I also became an official gamer because of mobile legend, I know I’m no good player but giving luck to my teammates by winning together is still good enough *haha*. With work, JMeter is doing well, although I didn’t really hear reviews up to now. I actually did like it and eventually spend hours even beyond work. I’m still waiting for my next task after Feb and am hoping for the best. It has also been months contacting my friend to pay up her debt, I know there are times I didn’t comply with my word but this girl is a bit trivial. She’s been telling me she’s gonna pay the next day for three months already, now I realized how hard it must be for guys who are trying to court a girl. At this point I understand why there are man who give up and disappears like a bubble. I also become pretty good in playing the guitar *feeler alert*, in fact we had a jam session last night and eventually one of my room mate had fallen asleep. That could be a good indication right? Haha. I also started my video blog, so far I have a Garin Farm, Guitar sesh, Sto. Nino, Sunday Run and Mt. Batolusong episodes. Mostly its gibberish and poor narration skills but it makes me laugh so hard whenever I watch the videos. One of the things I also accomplished with my housemates is cleaning the apartment, sad to say that two of them got sick and most of us had a body ache of a hiker after, but for the greater good our house looks fit for habitation now. Quick tips for cleaning the house: learn to let go, what are you gonna do with 10 pens that has an no ink already? Throw it. There are just really certain things we don’t need anymore but we cling to it. That is why we end up not having space for the better ones. My running regime has been consistent lately, in fact I already reached 6KM. I know that is not probably a big deal, but for a lazy ass like me it is something to be proud of. Last Saturday, we also hiked Mt. Batolusong. The unfinished business of 2016 and the experience was hands down my best hike so far. Let’s forget the part where I slid on a slippery side going down and fell so hard on my left body. The climb was pretty chill and the view was so amazing. I missed the Namaste Run and the Chinese New Year though, but it was all worth it. I took a lot of pictures with my eyes and stored it in my heart.

The first month of the year was a box full of exciting things and I can’t wait to see the surprises the next months has in store. Let us just stay positive and never be afraid to go out of our comfort zones. Looking forward for more adventures and happy memories to keep šŸ™‚


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