I’m Cold lets Play

I am huge music lover. What I really love about it is it immerses you to different emotions. It brings you back to specific memories and even reminds you of a person. As much as it can convey what you feel, it also makes you fancy a perfect scenario where it should be played.

Coldplay recently visited the Philippines last April 4 for their A Head Full of Dreams tour. I am one of those who anticipated this moment years ago. Though I tried hard to get tickets with my friends, still luck wasn’t on my side. This made me a bit disappointed but I’m still positive one day I’ll be in one of those stadiums crying my heart out with people who feel the same.

Coldplay has a lot of collection of notable songs. Viva La Vida will still be on top of my list. The message of the song and its beat is just plain perfect. I would understand for someone who hear it for the first time if they do not comprehend. Its not like any other song where you can sing along after 5 plays. I remember I memorized it deliberately when I was in college. It was a friday night and I’m travelling to Guimbal from Iloilo City. On my cdr-king mp3 player I repeated the song verse by verse till I got it right, by the way, do you know that the instrumental is repeated twice before the second verse starts? Haha. Clocks is one of the coolest, it has a rockstar vibe for me. One of the covers that I liked was performed by The Voice contestant and it made him land a seat at the top that week. Fix You and The Scientist are emotional songs so I get it when a lot of people say that its one of their favorite and help them get over a rough situation. I could only listen to it once or twice though because I could either a)get too emotional and b)fall asleep during office hours. Yellow, my go-to jam on guitar. I love to sing it wherever I am and everybody loves it too. Beyonce even sing it in her documentary movie and I think its the most sincere song she ever covered. Since I play it everywhere, its memories is also wherever I am, but one thing different is that when I’m home my niece play the guitar and when I’m in Manila I’m the one who plays. Coldplay also loves to collaborate and one of my fave is with Riri baby, Princess of China is like a girl dream come true. Their live performance in France was epic and its one of those I wish I’m a part of. This song is even a part of my Road-to-10K workout playlist.

I should be writing about the band’s song that I really love but it turns out there is a lot of them. I feel like I’m giving a review of all of their songs haha. Judging by my preference one blog entry is not enough so I’ll write another. See you on my next blog and when you feel down today, just look at the stars, look how they shine for you. 🙂


P.s. Yes the title of this blog is so unrelated but I love it. But whatever haha.


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