The Goldrush in Coldplay Concert

Coldplay’s visit in the Philippines was a hit. For fans who had A Head Full Of Dreams, its announcement last year of having a concert here was Magic. Like the Speed Of Sound it took over the social media, All Your Friends surely knows. I remember I was In My Place when I heard the news, I kept saying Don’t Panic. Excitement really filled my whole body and it felt like I’m on a Violet Hill. I will even Talk with my friend ’til Midnight how Fun the night will be. With A Hopeful Transmission I contacted anyone I know, all the Brothers and Sisters that could help me get a pass. I’m ready to go even an Army of One in SM tickets just to purchase but I have work. Its Always In My Head, that’s the Trouble, I know myself when I had X Marks The Spot I’ll go even Up In Flames just to get it. Globe launched a campaign where one can purchase a ticket and it made us wait for a certain time to text a code for reservation. Clocks kept ticking and as the last second hit the said time, I sent the code and waited for a reply. It was a Ghost Story, minutes suspended in nothingness. The waiting game was the Hardest Part, but the reply, it Hurts Like Heaven. We felt like we are victimized by some advertisement scheme, my friend would say Don’t Let It Break Your Heart but it just did. It was such a Major Minus emotion. I was so disappointed and I swear I never felt Something Just Like This. Still, I felt that my dream of seeing Coldplay live will happen soon, like God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. It may not be this time but this Ink in my heart shall not fade because it will happen in a different place and time. After all life is like a Kaleidoscope, a beautiful immersion of dancing colors and surprises. Its Color Spectrum is undeniable and will leave you an Adventure Of A Lifetime. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on that concert? Always remember it is still an Amazing Day.


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