Rides in Dike

For so many years I manage to maintain my blog, writing my thoughts and pouring my emotions. I can say that its really therapeutic, I can even revisit some entry here and laugh as I remember my feelings at the time. This is the only place where I can actually vent out without thinking what others would say. If you are here right now you might either be a) a stranger that stumbled upon an entry about my love for music or b) someone that I actually love and trust (naks).

For the past years I had a privilege of traveling, seeing the world in different point of view. And as my eyes capture a variety of beauty, I can’t help but think, this images should be in my blog. Instagram is a really nice platform for breathtaking shots but places and things are more than just that. Places reminds us of a state of mind, it could be fun, serene, exhilarating or even peculiar. A simple picture of my coffee on a Saturday morning could mean so much to me. It might be a depiction of my perfect weekend, for as I sip the taste of caffeine I enjoy watching the latest episode of Greys Anatomy.

I went home last April with a heavy heart, losing Mama left me heartbroken. Despite the purpose of my homecoming I learned a lot of things (which will be on a separate blog) and had the chance to do what I love which is riding the bicycle. Whenever I had the time (basically when someone is attending the wake) we are visiting the riverside park at our town. Morning, late afternoon or even evening, we rode our bikes and roam around the place. The thing is when you are pedaling you had the chance to enjoy the scenery more, rather than running, the thing I used to do when going to the same place. The sun might be piercing our skin on mornings but the salty breeze of air left us refreshed and surely wake us up. For those who wants challenge there is even an area where the road is so narrow, one wrong move and will land you 3 meters high from the ground. To test your endurance you can also ride till you reach the next barangay. In that area you will feel like you’re someplace else in their autumn season. If only I’m with someone I like I will catch a maple leaf, I mean mahogany leaf (haha sorry Goblin reference). Before sunset is what I consider the lovers hour, they would sit on the brink of the dike and bond. It is so majestic that even for a stage 1 cynical like me I would actually consider it picture perfect. On the other side is a makeshift soccer field with a bunch of teenagers and kids playing. Who knows there could be one David Beckham in the making. As the sun set we looked for a vacant place, parked our bikes and started to munch potato fries. Few minutes of serenity, and will surely induce you to think of your life choices. But as we take another sip of our fruit shakes, a group of men walked toward us trying to strike a conversation. Turns out a ship is docked nearby and they are in their free-happy-hour time. We weren’t in the mood to make friends so we left and go somewhere in a whim. The next morning we were surprised to see the same set of people so we went on the other side of the bridge. We tried to ride on the riverside. As we reached the riverbank we cleaned our bikes only to draw more dirt as we are supposed to pass a dusty trail going back to the road. The funny thing is, on the river area our competition on the trail are big trucks that carry gravel so we have to stop twice to make them pass.

Aside from those times when my mom occasionally opposes my coming to the place for different reasons, I had a blast and surely missing the thrill. I’m literally counting the days as 1 month from now I’ll be coming home again. There’s been so many heartbreaks lately, disappointments and my schedule was pretty hectic without the feeling of fulfillment. Moments like these takes me to a happy place and eases my worries. Adventure fills my spirit and makes me more alive. So, see you on my next ride!


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