Happy first Lord Commander

To play the guitar was one of the skills I wanted to acquire for a very long time. As a Taylor Swift fan on my teenage years, I dream of singing the songs I like while strumming the hell of the strings. I tried playing simple songs my friends had taught me, but to practice it regularly was a challenge. I didn’t have my own instrument so I never really had a chance to play regularly. Until summer of 2016 that I religiously focused on playing and rekindle my inclination. All along there has been a guitar sitting still at home, no one bothered to play, so I borrowed it. Each day I sat on the living room and played until the strings snapped – literally! Two weeks have passed and I had swollen fingertips, my manner of playing? Also swollen. Haha. I am so passionate that I would even tell a friend of mine, do I need to continue this? I think I don’t have a natural gift to even strum the right way. And as expected, what a true friend normally does, he will tell me that I will get better, I just need to practice often. And I did. A month later I could change the strings by myself (oops it snapped again). My fingertips are still covered with band aids or plaster, yes it doesn’t really heal, maybe because I don’t let it by not giving myself a break even a day. There has been an improvement with my practice though, I would like to give myself that credit. I’ve been investing a lot of my time in this passion, so I thought it’s about time to also invest and buy my own instrument.


By June, I finally got my own guitar. Surprisingly, it is a white acoustic from RJ, no wonder it got its name Jon Snow. My best friend was the one who recommended it, because of its color! I’ve been eyeing this model for weeks and planned to get the natural one but by the time we purchased it ran out of stock. I was in the verge of not buying but I eventually did, turns out I loved it a lot. It somehow inspired me to practice even more and learn fingerstyle. I love to learn the classics and a few songs I’ve learned was “Lost Star” and “When you say nothing at all”. How quickly time flies and I can’t believe its been a year. Music has been a passion of mine and playing a new instrument intensified it. You can just leave me an ice cream or beer with my guitar and I’ll be having fun. I shared a lot of memories with my beloved snow and I know there will be more. What a year it has been lord commander, so cheers to making good music and happiness 🙂


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