Road to become a “Master”

It has always been the plan, go to Manila, find a job and take a Master’s degree. A month after my arrival I did land a job with my desired tasks and it has been pretty busy ever since. Nights were spent eating out, running or just chilling in the house with my guitar or my favorite series. It was a typical independent life, doing laundry on Tuesday nights was non-negotiable, until I started hitting the gym and it become “power tuesday”. Weekends meant eating out again or climbing mountain and going to church. Travelling became my goto escape and refresher.

Earlier this year I finally decided, I’m going to apply for a Master’s degree in Information Systems in UPOU. It is a distance learning school of University of the Philippines. I’ve always been hesitant to pursue graduate school for a lot of reasons, first, I believe I should first acquire a stable and hardcore knowledge in the field – at this point I think 5 years of experience is already acceptable. Second, time management – I know I will be missing a lot of eating out and travelling because of school but when I think of it, when will it be the right time to start? Yes, the answer is now.

After I submitted my application, I am not really confident that I will be accepted in the program. On my mind I will be fine even if I didn’t make the cut – more time and no additional expenses. I’ll try again next year or try to apply in another school. But a week before the month of June ended, the expected date of announcement, I went home to attend my brother’s graduation. My first time to attend a UP graduation ceremony, everyone was in filipiniana and barong, it was pretty cool. Right after they are proclaimed graduates, instead of toga hats being thrown up in the air they chant some protest, I said to myself, I should be here in the next few years. June 28, 2017, two more days until the month ends, finally they posted the name of admitted students. I immediately saw 25 names and mine wasn’t there, yes its partial but the last name on the list starts from A to F and I have D! Every five minutes I checked their site and I witnessed how the list is being added with names periodically. 4 PM, 50 names and the last one starts with letter Y. My hope was nowhere to be found, I attended a mass earlier during lunch and I said to myself maybe this isn’t for me. I continue doing my work, coding and try to coordinate with my office mate on how to work with our system. My mind was completely out of the results dilemma, at this point I should perform well at work. Thirty minutes later, while I intently listen to my manager as he discusses the features that needs to be added in the app, an email notification flashed on my laptop. My heart was racing, I delightedly answer to his questions but in my mind I can’t wait to check my inbox. Could this be it? It took about 10 minutes more to keep the suspense and when I opened my mailbox, YES I did it! Of course I also checked the official site and there it is in caps lock, my full name with id number 2017-302XX. I can’t wait to start my graduate school life, I can’t wait to test my time management and stress management skills haha. After 5 years I will be back at school, so for the next weeks before the school start I will be maximizing my time going places and eating out more ’cause its about to get real. Game On!


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