Welcome 20ZENventeen!

I’ve been looking for a really nice hashtag this year because last year’s was a hit, not to mention that it has totally lived up to expectations, and the word ZEN just keeps on popping everytime so I’m sticking to it.

The beginning of 2017 is indeed a bit refreshing. We watched pursuit of happyness – which is totally awesome and inspiring most especially the time we knew that the whole story was real. I also watched X-Men, it is one of those moments when I say to myself “Damn, why is it that I just watched it today”. We then became so “kilig” because of decendants of the sun. Which reminded me of my burning desire to become a doctor, which could actually lead to a beautiful love story if I would meet a cute soldier. And ending the day with our favorite, the flash. I’m saying all these not because I’ve got nothing to do but watch the telly and be a slob. I just wanna share this because not everyday I enjoy what I’m watching. Or not everyday I had the time to relax and most especially not everyday I got to emphatize with what I’m watching and got to share it with people important to me (not to mention do commentaries and laugh at each other when someone gets the references 10 seconds later). Lastly I wanna share this, bro bo on didache says that this 2017 we are bound to climb a mountain. To reach our dream and be something bigger. We should be confident and not be afraid to fall because God is our invisible rope and he will save us no matter what. Indeed I’m about to climb mountains this year, remember the feeling when you reach the summit? Yes. Its priceless.


How’s your 2016 holding?

Is it just me or did you feel the same?Earlier today, I’m a bit flustered, my co-worker asked to borrow my wire extension. I was thinking that she will announce something important, we regularly hold month end meetings aside from special occasions and I thought this would be one of those special instances. Then I realized, Oh My! November is almost over. While the thought that in a few hours December will welcome us and Christmas carols will be in our midst, I reflected on the year so far. Surely I felt that 2016 passed in a whim. Digging deeper I asked myself the hardest question, Why? Why did I felt that way? Why did I feel like 2016 might have a faster clock compare to other years that passed? TBC 😁

Your Smile

There are really moments where you feel like writing a song…most especially if you are listening to Birdy and suddenly something inspires you to write one.

Your Smile

It is another day,
woke up and I should say
Everything seems so wrong,
but I choose to move along

There is this longing and pain inside,
seeing him with her makes my heart subside
This could be the sign,
to leave the past behind

But you move around flashing that crooked smile
Makes my heart melt, pushing anything gray
Filling my world all the color it needs
I could fall like this all over again

Pinch me dear
How could you be real
I thought its only in movies and all of those stories
Where someone erases your worries
With that smile, you made me believe they’re right

But you move around flashing that crooked smile
Makes my heart melt, pushing anything gray
Filling my world all the color it needs
I could fall for you all over again. ❤


The Pokemon Go Fever

When I first heard of the game Pokemon Go I immediately said “Nope..not gonna play it”, I am not a gamer and mobile games doesn’t really interest me that much. Moreover, with this game I need to go to places to catch ‘rare’ pokemons and move around to find some lures and spin pokestops. But a week before this game was released in the Philippines, I came across this article, saying how this game was not incidental and it took 20 years for the creator to finally achieve its well deserved success. I also developed mobile games and been involved in map layers so I know how nerve wracking and at the same time quiet interesting it is. I am impressed. The time the game finally came out I didn’t immediately played because I had an upcoming exam. That made me 2 weeks late from the fandom. By the time I started really playing the game, I am so excited to catch new pokemons while my other friends are already kinda bored catching the same thing. If I still have time on the way to office, I still spin the nearest pokestop and silently hoping for the pedestrian light not to turn green yet because I have to catch a bulbasaur first. Going to the church, I would opt to take the longer route and my usual 10 minute walk turns to probably 20.

This game also garnered bashers and some negative reaction from non players. All I can say is, to each his own. We have a variety of interests and I think if people are happy doing things that doesn’t fascinate us, we should still respect it. We don’t have to bring rain to other people’s sunshine.

So that’s my pokemon jouney, and in a week of pure dedication I jumped from level 7 to 21. Thanks to lucky eggs and pidgeys and rattatas for that. I also reached the end of High Street and know how to go to Mind Museum. I am now confident not to get lost if I go to BGC area. But one thing needs to be fulfilled for now, to catch Pikachu. So better get going


you know..

I have to..

Catch them All!!

An Unfinished Song

Its been a week since I bid goodbye to my feelings for you.
Its never an easy task and though I may have set some deadline,
we will never really know if that feeling left me completely.
There are times when I remember things and just smile or feel nostalgic.
When I hear some music and thinks its about you.
I wanna say things but thought, what would you feel about it.
Do stuffs when I know it would be better if we’d do it together.
Saw something pretty and laugh ‘coz I know you’ll hate it.
I have this opinion on something and I thought if you’re
here we’ll have this heated exchange of ideas ‘coz you have a different view.

How can I finish this song when I’m missing a note
When the rhythm isn’t the same anymore
If the beat is altered by your absence
And life seems to become a monotone
Worse than it was before you.


Hitting the deadline

I recently told myself that I will tolerate any thoughts of him ’til the last day of May. Starting June I will stop myself from replaying all the memories, scrutinizing every detail and determining what went wrong. I see you all over the place, the people I interact with, the things I do. Its one of those moments where I can’t run away from, I have no choice but to live with it. Today is my deadline. How could I follow it when the first thought I had this morning was you? Not that Im-forgetting-him kind of thought, but just you. I can do this. Then one day I will be able to shrug you off my shoulders.

Lessons of a Limitless Wonderer

3 AM I woke panting…gasping for my breath for 5 seconds, I can’t move. It does not usually happen to me so I gather my strength and tried as hard as I could to stay calm. Moments later I was there lying in the bed breathing normally.

Why do I feel this way? Why so sudden.

I wrote that paragraph above over a month ago. I didn’t finish it for the reason I don’t even know. There is so many things going on in all aspects of my life. It was fleeting. Exhilarating. Mind boggling. How could I manage it? Surely I’m a sucker at prioritizing tasks that looking back there are lots of things I failed to accomplish. Goals was set aside. Trips postponed. And words left unspoken. But there is one thing I gained. I learned to love. Yes. I learned to love life. I learned to love myself. The first half of 2016 will officially end but for 6 months I discover things I never thought I would.

I learned to accept that things will not always go as planned. Know what you want. Do things you need to do to achieve it. Pray. And took a deep breath while you wait for it to happen.

The amount of time you spend doing something determines its importance in your life. I will not change my laundry day for something unimportant. Never haha. So if I said yes going out on a Tuesday night, man we’re close.

Sometimes we end up asking for the things we initially hated. Here is the thing, when you are a child you see situations black and white. I used to see tears in other people’s eyes and I told myself that for me not to be trapped in that same place, there are things I should avoid. Then one day, here I am and all I wanted is to plunge myself in that same thing I keep myself from all my life. Are the reasons enough? Will it all be worth it?

Never be afraid to say what you feel.  Will you be rejected? Probably, yes. But there is also a 50% chance that you will not. Courage is just a little thing, that could change your life forever. A friend once told me, never miss a chance not getting the things that you want because you are too scared to fail.

Move on. This is the hardest part. It is important to feel the hurt, grieve as much as possible. But give yourself a deadline, tell yourself that next month I will never dwell on my failure. Feel the pain, because your mind and body needs to be aware that you lost but don’t be so accustomed to it that it becomes your lifestyle. Make space for new people, new adventure.

I travel a lot, go to concerts a lot.   I love it and wanted to do it as often as I could. But if you ask me what is the day that matters to me the most? It’s a lazy day spent with people I care about. Love doesn’t have to be grand, it doesn’t have to be explosive. It’s plain and simple. Live life. Cry. Laugh. Be broken, get fixed. There are things I can’t explain and still live without even knowing what it really means. Like that one night, was it a dream or a feeling I suppressed. Maybe I’ll find the answers to my questions, maybe not. I will just keep myself open. That’s how we learn. That’s how we roll. 🙂

Way to start 2016

If you set your eyes in the Lord you will not worry about anything at all. I felt a lump on my right foot and decided to let it checked. As I head towards the clinic it hit me…moments from mow my life will change. I could have the feeling of relief or the possibility that this thing might be aomething else. But what shocked me was my reaction. The perspective that I have right now waa ao positive not even I can fathom. Right there I realized how much faith I have. Faith that I believe God will never let me undergo this kind of situation. I trust him that whatever purpose he has for me it will always be the best. Yes I am scared sometimes but a vp8ce within me says “Chill ka lang everything will be alright”. ❤

When Im With You

If this blog is an album, you’d probably think this is the carrier single. The truth is its not. Funny how I even thought about the person I was thinking before when I said “I am so happy when I am with you”, I cant even remember his name.

This is about a love I should let go few months ago. I know how much pain I have to go through just to get over him. But being with him makes everything so awesome and fun.

Strange Night

Love can be found in a stange place and situations. This one is probably one of them. It was late night, I hurried myself down the building of our office, after finishing some restraining task, I decided to have some dinner first. When I decided to go home I cannot get myself a vacant space on a jeepney, and tired as I am, I went for a cab. To my surprise, I saw a fine looking man on driver’s seat when I opened the car door. I played it cool but how can you avoid smiling when few inches away there he is beaming too. He asked where Im heading and tapped his phone to get the right direction. Not wanting to start the conversation, I shut my mouth and wander in the window as the car swiftly past the buildings.  A few minutes later he asked me if Im from work and there goes the 20 minute fun-packed conversation I didnt have for ages.

Time flies so fast and he had pull the car over. What should I do? Sit there for some time and wait for, I dont know, him to say something. Or do what every sane woman would and walk away. Of course I did the sane thing.

This is how the story ends, I dont expect a nice continuation to that moment because its just one of those nights. One of those where you met one stranger…make your heart leap and never see him again.